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Attracting and Winning New Customers

Attracting and Winning New Customers

Marvin Henson

8 Mar 2024

How Engaged Is Your Business? ... And How Many Barriers Do You Put In The Way To Growth?

We think you will agree that finding and converting new customers is difficult enough without sabotarging our own efforts. However, finding new customers is vital to growing our businesses.

Whilst technology can be of help to you, it can also put barriers in the way to a smooth customer experience when they are trying to engage with you. Be it to make an enquiry, during new customer onboarding or a post sale query. So technology and best practice are equally as important as choosing the right tools for the job!

A classic example is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). We know upwards of 65% of installations fail. Often because the management team and employees haven't "bought in" to using it. Often mistakenly thinking CRM is the panacea to increasing their business sales. The reality is that CRM is a "state of mind" first and foremost and not just software or a Cloud application. Used correctly it can enhance business sales by upwards of 35% or more.

Find out what other technology staples and trends could be making it less difficult to enhance business efficiencies. Find out what you may "Need to Know" to make it easier to remove barriers to doing business today.

Request below our FREE white paper entitled... How engaged is your business?

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