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Energy Switching

Energy Switching

EnergyBroker team

8 Mar 2024

Compare Business Energy Deals. Benchmark the latest gas & electricity prices and easily switch business energy suppliers with our assistance.

The main risk to the energy market last year was sourcing enough energy to meet the required demand. The risk this year has become a disruption to supply infrastructure through union and protest movements and it is likely that this is not going to be resolved swiftly. Prices remain fluid and so knowing in advance how you could save on your future energy costs means benchmarking and sometimes "fixing" costs and could result in savings.

Wholesale prices, currency valuations and government taxes all have an impact on the prices of energy. Energy Brokers constantly monitor the market and advise our clients when we think a low price point is reached and let you know. Quoting up to 12 months in advance – we know this is no easy feat for busy company managers in a constantly fluctuating market.

As members of the Energy Ombudsman Services, with over £300m managed energy spend, thousands of businesses of all sizes from all over the UK rely on our partners for their energy needs. We help remove the stress of dealing with the energy contracts and the best time to strike a deal by contacting you at the right time.

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