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Headset Offers

Headset Offers

Marvin Henson

8 Mar 2024

Even the whispers of a mouse sounded like a heavy metal concert!

Don’t you just hate it when telephoning a company and you find yourself in a conversation but competing with everyone else in their noisy office. Straining to hear some of what the person is saying or being deafened by their co workers having a celebration. Not really a very good experience for either party is it?

Crystal-clear sound quality of employees using a headset improves user experience and minimises external distractions. Noise cancellation technology improves call clarity for employees and their customers,

Good headsets also embed noise cancellation functionality into the microphone for clear audio transmission too. So when selecting headset solutions, companies should prioritise features that enhance productivity with HD communication quality while ensuring superior audio performance.

Modern vendors also offer features like built-in voice assistants, adjustable noise cancellation, busy lights, and gesture controls to further enhance business efficiency.

This "new to the UK" range of well know US and European VT headsets offer all of the above and are some 30% lower in price of their competitors. If you would like more details just let us know..

Details here VT Headsets

Prices start from around £20+vat to just over £180 +vat

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