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Mobile & IoT - Time to re consider suppliers?

Mobile & IoT - Time to re consider suppliers?

Marvin Henson

8 Mar 2024

Mobile Services - Is It Time To Consider Independent Providers For a Better Deal?

Purchasing mobile phone services from an independent provider, unaffiliated with any specific carrier, offers several advantages for the smaller business. Their independence means unbiased advice, access to multiple carriers, customisable plans, very competitive pricing and flexibility in contract terms.

Independent providers prioritise personalised service and ease of switching, allowing customers to tailor and even mix their mobile network plans to their specific needs and potentially save costs while enjoying a broader range of network options. However, it's crucial to choose a reputable independent advisor with a strong track record in the industry who can help you consider factors like network coverage, reviewing your existing costs and data speeds when making your selection.

In summary - Independent resellers offer a value added customer-centric alternative to less flexible carrier-branded stores.

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