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Sales Awareness Coaching

Sales Awareness Coaching

Marvin Henson

8 Mar 2024

Your Marketing Efforts Falling on Deaf Ears?

Why Is It That Marketers Spend A Lot Of Their Time Talking About AND Recommending Brand Building And Brand Maintenance Techniques To Small Businesses Who Have Limited Budgets And Want To See Direct Returns On Their Investments?

What small businesses want to see are "Qualified" LEADS. The only way that they will see an immediate and direct return on their investment is by generating LEADS. Then converting and on-boarding those customers "Right First Time" which then lead to meaningful Brand Awareness and Loyalty.

We also need to recognise and remove, the often "invisible", Barriers to Success. So an awareness of the inter-linked relationship between marketing and sales process to generate, nurture and convert leads through the buyers journey is crucial.

If you would like to explore an how to shine a light on your sales process to support your buyers journey

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