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Circular IT - Refurbished IT

Hardware from sustainable IT Suppliers 

A vision to extend the life cycle of IT equipment and help our customers save on hardware, management and maintenance

Refurbished IT equipment offers sustainable solutions for a circular IT economy. Rebuilt, accredited and with a warranty, this equipment has an extended product lifecycle, reducing the volume of technology equipment disposal. Our award winning partners are dedicated to advancing circular practices and optimising IT budgets for businesses.

Working with one of
 Europe's leading Circular IT specialists, established for over 28 years, with brands like HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Apple and others have provided sustainable hardware solutions to commercial and public sector organisations. We are committed to realistically support a transition to a Circular Economy where at all possible.

We support our partners focus in handling IT differently to reduce raw materials and save energy in the production process. E-waste, or depreciated IT hardware, contributes to a massive global electronic waste problem, and its complex composition makes recycling challenging, leading to the loss of valuable resources in the linear production process.

To protect valuable raw materials for future generations, our partners extend the lifecycle of products through various methods, recovering value and minimising new production whenever possible. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the environment and accelerate the shift towards a Circular Economy

refurbishment processes

Warranty and Support,

We offer warranties and customer support, providing peace of mind to buyers. Warranties may be as long as those for new devices, or reduced dependent on grade of refurbishment but they still provide adequate coverage for any potential issues that may arise. Invariably, manufacturer accredited refurbished units do carry "as new" warranty.


Product Variety 

Refurbished technology comes in a wide range of options, including various brands, models, and specifications. This diversity allows consumers and businesses to find devices that suit their specific needs and preferences without compromising on performance. Often allowing a much higher specification for the price

Trustworthy Suppliers and Accreditations 

It's essential to purchase refurbished technology from reputable and certified sellers. Trusted sellers follow strict refurbishment guidelines and offer transparent information about the condition of the product, ensuring a positive buying experience. 

Supplier Accreditations include Climate Neutral standard 1.0, ISO 27001, Iso 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Re-manufactured is our term to describe the various options open to you to acquire IT and telecoms equipment. These include:

  • New & New Pulled Products - Manufacturer re packaged

  • A1 - Best refurbished quality/factory certified with 1Yr Warranty

  • Ex-Demo (Retail Boxed) * Warranties extendable up to 3 years

  • ReNew (Full warranty by manufacturer)* Warranties extendable up to 3 years

  • ReNew - Brown boxed (Small cosmetic damages possible)

Circular IT Represents Cost Savings

Cost Savings

One of the primary advantages of buying refurbished technology is cost savings. Refurbished devices are often significantly cheaper than their brand new counterparts, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers and businesses.

Example Solutions



HP DL380 Gen10 4114/32GB/P408i-a/8SFF/500W

New and Accredited Refurbished Servers

£1582 +vat

(G5 Grade Refurb)

Saving £334


Mobile Devices

iPhone 14Plus 256GB

Manufacturers Refurbished Mobiles

£699 +vat

(G5 Grade Refurb)

Saving £184


Laptops & Desktops

HP 450 G7 i5

New and Circular IT

£425 +vat

(R4 Grade Refurb)

Saving £195

Products include HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft

Product Status

When it comes to purchasing IT-hardware, there are several terms and categories to describe products. These exist to provide more options and assurances and to explain the differences between the products.

Our distributer has a large hardware stock and experience in manufacturing. They buy stock in large quantities, ship them to our 20.000 .sqm warehouse, allowing us access to a large amount of inventory. Due to these quantities and unique inventory we can offer a friendly price for your business. If your order is completely in stock, it could be delivered the next day. Your order can be shipped directly to your office. Below are the various grades available and reflect the prices based on product condition. 

Download our current equipment list to view indicative prices. Please note that prices and availability are correct at the point of publication and stock turns over very quickly as its availability is widely published and is for UK purchasers only.


Delivery charges are dependent on total order value and quantity and as an indication Delivery charges are per item £9.99 
and with small order charge @£2.50 (for orders under £200)

We therefore recommend calling us first to confirm availability and to obtain a firm quotation

Office Work Desk

Circular & New

In the world of IT products, terms as "new" and "circular" are common. New IT products are brand new and not previously used or owned.

Circular IT products, however, refer to the practice of reusing or repurposing equipment that has been previously owned and used. This includes refurbishing, remanufacturing, or upgrading existing equipment, as well as using recycled materials to create new products.

Refurbished ≠ Remanufactured

Refurbished and remanufactured IT products have many similarities. The key difference between them lies in the process of restoration. Typically, remanufactured products, go through a manufacturer's defined restoration process with parts being used to restore devices to like- new conditions.

Refurbished products go through a similar defined restoration process, but this process is determined by an independent refurbishment party rather than the manufacturer. As a result, refurbished products have a wider range of grading and statuses, as the processes and parts used are not identical between individual refurbishers.

Refurbished ≠ Used

Used IT hardware, also known as second-hand, is often mistaken to be identical to refurbished products. Both are sustainable business practices that play a part in the circular economy.

However, refurbished takes it to the next level by extending the maximum lifespan of a product through an extensive refurbishment process and added services such as warranty and certified data wiping. Whereas second-hand merely gives the product a new user.



  • New 

  • Retailed sealed box

  • Original accessories 

  • Full manufacturers warranty


  • New 

  • Open/damaged / repackaged

  • Essential accessories 

  • Full manufacturers warranty


  • New 

  • Manufacturers sealed box

  • No accessories 

  • Full manufacturers warranty



  • ​Factory remanufactured as new Manufacturer's sealed box

  • No signs of use

  • Original accessories

  • Full manufacturer's warranty


  • ​Factory remanufactured  Manufacturer's sealed box

  • Minimal signs of use possible

  • Essential accessories

  • Full manufacturer's warranty

Ex Demo


  • ​ ExDemo

  • Retail opened box

  • Minimal signs of use possible Essential accessories

  • 1 Year pickup and return warranty


  • ​ ExDemo

  • Retail opened box (Brown Box)

  • Normal signs of use 

  • Essential accessories

  • 1 Year pickup and return warranty



  • A+ Grade Refurbished

  • Brown box packaged

  • Minmal signs of use 

  • Essential accessories

  • 1 Year pickup and return warranty


  • ​ A Grade Refurbished

  • Brown box packaged

  • Normal signs of use 

  • Essential accessories

  • 1 Year pickup and return warranty


  • ​ B Grade Refurbished

  • Brown box packaged

  • Heavy signs of use 

  • Essential accessories

  • 1 Month carry in warranty

Image by Austin Distel
Substantial savings on CO2 emissions and e-waste with refurbished electronics

Why Cloud Solutions for Business

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Time savings

We save your time, effort and money by advising first and then negotiating deals on your behalf.

Access more options

Able to access a network of technology providers to find solutions you may not have been able to find.


Our extensive insider knowledge of the technology market can help you identify the best solutions at the best prices for your needs.

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