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Cloud Phone Systems - UCaaS

Business phone systems from top UCaaS providers

Cloud Solutions for Business in Solihull provides vendor-agnostic advice, information, and support for small business phone systems. Providing independent comparisons from the leading VoIP phone system and UCaaS providers. Our choice of world-class providers and their systems are also designed to meet the smaller business price points.

Cloud Solutions for Business also offer value added best practice advice to help you choose the right office phone system and best fit for your communication needs, and without the sales pressure. Offering VoIP based phone systems leveraging your internet connection for cost-effective and clear voice communication also means tighter control on your costs. 

Our experts select secure reliable phone systems for small businesses that are Cloud-based phone systems and offer flexibility, scalability and mobility. Guiding you through the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls. We then connect you with leading UCaaS providers after helping you compare best value solutions for cost savings and productivity. We also allow you to access resources, articles, and expert advice to help make informed choices. 

Our solutions include  Zoom , 8x8 , MS Teams, Gamma , Daisy Hosted Voice , 3CX , Avaya , Cisco , Unify, PhoneLine+ and others

Browse our website about small business phone systems and unified communications services and visit our UCaaS Cost Savings Calculator to see how much UCaaS could save you.

Streamline your communication processes and elevate your business.

Contact us to talk you through the "In's and Out's" and considerations before you make any final decision.

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Gamma Hosted Telephony

Our solutions include  Zoom , 8x8 , MS Teams, Gamma , Daisy Hosted Voice , 3CX , Avaya , Cisco , Unify and others

Key Considerations When Implementing Hosted Cloud Telephone Systems

What is a VoIP or Cloud Phone System?

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. Traditional phones rely on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which routes calls across old copper cables that are connected by telephone exchanges. VoIP technology, on the other hand, converts your voice into a digital signal so you can make calls over the internet. (The Cloud). A VoIP phone system, then, allows you to make and receive calls through the IP telephony network without any limits. Better known as Cloud Phone systems, VoIP technology offers a lot more flexibility for your business.

Is UCaaS the same as VoIP or Cloud Phone System?

The main difference between UCaaS and VoIP or Cloud phone system is that a VoIP or Cloud Phone system provides one communication channel (voice telephone calling). UCaaS brings together multiple communication channels, including VoIP calling, Video and Data combining other digital channels like chat and SMS into one user-friendly dashboard.

What are the the benefits of a Cloud Phone System?

Moving your phone system to the cloud gives you the ability to harness the power of the internet. A landline-based phone system used to be an adequate solution, but the way business is done has evolved. Some of these features are: Web phones: A web phone is an application that allows you to make phone calls online. You can use almost any web browser, such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The call sounds as it normally would, but the voice data transmits over the internet. You can make the call using a headset or mobile phone. You also have the option of using a more traditional phone that’s connected to your computer. You can make and receive calls to any landline, cell phone or internet-based phone. Automated assistants: An automated assistant can be a virtual gateway between you and callers. They answer the phone and give callers preprogrammed messages. They also take messages, forward calls and provide important information. They can also take information that callers enter on their keypad during the call. You can program an automated assistant to provide basic information. This enables callers to get the answers they need without having to wait on hold. This saves time for both the caller and employees. It also frees up employees to handle other tasks. Conference calling: With conference calling, three or more parties join the same conversation. With a cloud-based phone service, the location of each person does not matter. Whether participants are in different cubicles or continents, all they need is internet service. Video conferencing: Video conferencing allows participants to talk face-to-face via a video stream. The signal is processed at the data center and delivered to the screens of each participant. An organization can use video conferencing to share screen recordings and video content. Call transfers: The ability to automatically transfer calls saves significant time. You do not have to have someone transfer incoming calls to everyone in the organization. Your business phone system can do it for you. The system gives callers the ability to choose the person they want to talk to. This happens via a variety of data entry methods. Callers can enter numbers or spell all or some of a person’s name. Call forwarding: A system with call forwarding can send calls to a phone number chosen by the recipient. If you have employees in various locations, this can help streamline communications. The same is true if people in your organization need to travel. For instance, an employee may be going away and only have a cell phone. The system can forward all calls to their mobile phone so they do not miss opportunities while on the road. Calls can be forwarded to web phones and landlines. Hold music: Hold music helps people relax while they wait for an answer. It also reassures them that they’re still on the line. You can further tweak the hold music feature with periodic, helpful messages. These can vary based on the needs of the organization. You can provide information about the business or tell the caller their position in the call queue. A business phone system can also inform the caller approximately how much time they have to wait. Message management: The message management feature collects and organizes messages. A cloud-based business phone system can deliver messages to the right people. It can also store them for as long as you need. Team members can access the messages while on the road, at home or in preparation for a meeting. Voicemail: Voicemail with a cloud-based phone system is accessible to all players in the organization. You can set up a variety of voicemail boxes—each meant for a different department or team member. The organization can also choose to keep voicemail for later use. Business Text / SMS (short message service). Business SMS is a powerful tool for time-sensitive communication. Emails work well, but people often check them too late. Even voicemails may go unchecked for days. Sometimes, people can get too busy to take a phone call. A business SMS system allows the recipient to get information right away. It’s an effective tool for getting quick answers to questions and updating team members on the go. You can store messages to reference them later. You can also send out scheduling information so team members can make the necessary adjustments. As well, you can set up text groups so entire teams can get the same message at once. Call queuing: When you have multiple callers trying to reach the business at the same time, call queuing can help. Each caller is put in a queue to wait for their turn. A cloud-based business phone system can inform callers of their place in the queue. It can also automatically move people up in the queue when others hang up. Call recording: Call recording makes it possible to record and store entire conversations. Managers or team members can review calls later for quality control. Decision-makers can use recorded calls to plan agenda items for meetings. You can also use a content management system to store conversations for training or promotional purposes.

Why you might use Cloud Solutions for Business as your preferred and independent partner?

The reasons you may want to use Cloud Solutions for Business as your preferred technology solutions partner...... Experience: Team members that have worked with the largest blue chip technology providers for over 30 years in the UK and US supporting Small Businesses, Corporates and Police forces to realise operational improvement and revenue aspirations. Expertise: Technology solutions providers have extensive insider knowledge of the technology market and can help organisations identify the best solution for their needs. Time Savings: Technology solutions providers save organisations time, effort and money by conducting research and negotiating technology deals on your behalf. Cost Savings: Technology solutions providers help organisations secure better prices and negotiate more favourable terms for technology solutions by leveraging their insider expertise and relationships with suppliers. Objectivity: Technology solutions providers are impartial and can provide an objective perspective on the technology solutions available in the market, helping organisations make better informed decisions. Risk Reduction: Technology solutions providers can help businesses mitigate the risks associated with implementing new technology solutions by helping to assess the suitability of solutions and supporting the implementation process. Access to a wider network: Technology solutions providers have access to a much wider network of technology providers and can help organisations find solutions they may not have been able to find on their own. Call us for a chat 0330 6600464 (Option 1)

Cloud Phone or Landline for business?

VoIP gives your business more flexibility as you make calls over the internet. That means your hybrid or home worker teams can stay productive, wherever they’re working.     Our cloud-based systems do everything your traditional phone system can, and then some. Use call forwarding, automatic call routing, call transfers and three-way calling and even voicemail.   With traditional landlines you need to buy and maintain expensive equipment – which isn’t needed with a VoIP phone system, so you can control your budget. It also ensures you’re correctly set up for the future, as all businesses need to switch to digital phone lines in 2025 when BT switch off the remaining legacy telephone network.

Can UCaaS save businesses money?

Are Cloud Phone systems good for small businesses?

A cloud phone system is perfect lower-cost solution for small businesses. It’s flexible and scalable, so you can easily add users, new sites, VoIP desk phones and Mobile phones as your business grows.  Our systems come with call charges inclusive, ideal if you need to keep a close eye on your costs.

Are Cloud Phone systems reliable and secure?

When combined with one of our secure internet connections, you’ll get 99.99% reliability. And if you’re making calls over a dedicated Leased Line internet connection, this offers a 100% up time, backed by guarantee services level.   The industry regulated data centres used for our digital cloud voice services are regularly audited. They have the latest firewalls and intrusion detection systems, and the data our providers manage is encrypted. VoIP also puts the security of your colleagues and customers first. VoIP technology includes several features to keep your people, systems and data safe, including Secure Voice and SIP over TCP. That means your business can run smoothly without worrying about the security of your calls – we’ve got you covered.

Does the cloud-based phone system work with my mobile?

Yes - You can set your mobile to ring whenever your office phone does, which is handy if you’re away from your desk or office. This is called “Twinning”.   For convenience our cloud phone systems can flip calls between phones. So, if you answer a call on the office phone as you’re heading out, you can switch the call seamlessly to your mobile.   And with our PC/Mac and Mobile app (for Android and iOS devices), turn your mobile and PC into an extension of your phone system, allowing you to set up call routing, transfer calls and much more.

How easy is it to set up a cloud-based phone system?

Our world-class suppliers make setting up as easy as possible, with simple plug and play options as well as ones that we’ll come and install. Cloud Solutions for Business have access to a team of cloud system experts to call on if you need help along the way. Our Cloud Phone systems are designed to be a simple plug and play option where phones arrive pre - configured and ready to go. Just plug things together and our install and support team talk you through how to set it up so it’s right for your business, including help with setting up call handling rules and user profiles. Our world-class cloud telephone solutions can also come with a managed installation option.

What is the call quality like with VoIP cloud phone systems?

Our systems are classed as HD (High Definition) call quality and is vital when it comes to your customers voice interactions with your company. Telephone call quality now rivals traditional phone quality. It's can, however, be influenced by various factors, including the user's internet connection and network stability, as well as the hardware and equipment being used. Additionally, BT is currently transitioning its network to digital voice and VoIP services by 2025, which may bring even more improvements

How much does a VoiP cloud phone system cost?

The price you’ll pay depends on a number of factors. For example the features required, calls inclusive options, call centre applications and the number of extensions/users required. As a guide prices start from £10 +vat per user per month inclusive of UK calls. Less than the price of a phone line!   So much depends on which system is best for your business and how it’s configured. The best thing to do is give us a call so one of our team can chat about how your business works and what you need and any future requirements. We can also share with you how other companies use these systems to grow their businesses and improve customer service and experience.

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Our view is that technology services need to offer complete inter-operability with existing and alternative supplier products.. So in order to provide a single point of contact for supporting multi-vendor solutions we have to be supplier agnostic, so you can be sure you are getting the best value for all of your technology needs. Discover more of our services to help build and ensure a hassle-free experience when using technology to support your business.

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