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Protect your data from insider threats and cyber attacks

This revolutionary and world leading AI Cybersecurity solution, one of Cloud Solutions for Business partners, interrupts in- progress cyber-attacks in seconds. It includes ransomware, email phishing, threats to cloud environments and critical applications

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Lifecycle protection across the entire business

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Cyber Protection - Protect Data Wherever it Resides

"A Trusted Business Partner"

“Cloud Solutions for Business Ltd - A trusted business partner with very good understanding of the technological and business process challenges affecting small, medium and large companies..”


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Protect data wherever it resides

From extra small businesses to massive enterprises. Any mission, any industry, the AI and application monitors and protects all people and digital assets across your entire ecosystem.

The UK based partners provides its data security platform worldwide to some of the largest brands including Siemens, DPD, Allianz, AIRBUS, McLaren, Sir Robert McAlpine and many others. In fact 7,700+ others across 110 countries.

As a leader in cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI) our partners have recognised a strong demand for its new product family as organisations seek to prevent cyber-attacks, rather than waiting for breaches to happen. In the three months since it became generally available in August 2022, they saw the longest list of customer opt-ins than for any product launch in its history


The 81% of organisations surveyed stated that AI insights would help them to automate their security posture. This comes as global economic losses due to cyber-crime per year are estimated at $6 trillion and are forecast to rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025.

The prevention solution offers a predictive and preventative approach for tackling cyber-threats and business risk by using AI to ‘think like an attacker,’ finding pathways to an organisation’s most critical assets from inside and outside.


Finally, it delivers on responding to the attack by disarming at all associated levels that could be affected. Ranging from the Cloud to endpoint and everything in between.

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