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Stop losing calls from clients who hang - up!

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Elevate Customer Engagement with Expert Telephone Message on Hold Services

Did you know that using messages while putting callers on hold can lead to a 12% boost in product and service requests, a 15% rise in enquiries, and an impressive 40% increase in customer retention? We specialise in creating custom on-hold messages designed to enhance your conversion rates. These messages also highlight your brand with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

Music and Message On Hold - Hear the Difference

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94% of marketing budgets are spent
on attaining calls

Professional image

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Reduce customer call hang-ups

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Reasons To Use Message on Hold

Why should you consider on-hold messages?

"In the dynamic world of business, where 61% of customers express their willingness to switch brands due to a single bad experience, the power of good advice on best practice becomes apparent. Picture this scenario: You're contemplating listing your property and you decide to reach out to an estate agent. Your call is swiftly answered, and during the seamless transfer to the right department, engaging on-hold messages captivate your attention. As you wait, these messages enlighten you about the spectrum of options at your disposal. From illuminating insights on how your property will be showcased in the market to details about a complimentary property appraisal, the experience becomes all the more enticing with a spotlight on an ongoing exceptional mortgage offer. These telephone on-hold messages transform the waiting phase from a mundane silence or mundane radio broadcast to a comprehensive information-rich encounter. Instead of impatience, you find yourself informed and educated, a change that saves both the caller's precious time and the business's invaluable resources. This synchronized exchange not only elevates user satisfaction but also significantly amplifies the potential for a fruitful transaction."

Why consider Cloud Solutions for business?

Cloud Solutions for Business help in unlocking the power of your business, We specialise in crafting personalised on-hold messages that resonate with your unique business identity. Our approach is all about understanding the message you wish to communicate, the products and services you're eager to highlight, and the exclusive deals and offers you're excited to share. Embracing a fully customizable and collaborative process, our service synergizes your in-depth business insights and industry expertise with our specialized know-how. This collaboration ensures a seamless blend of your vision and our proficiency, resulting in on-hold messages that truly stand out. To gain a deeper understanding of our capabilities, we invite you to explore some illustrative examples of our creative prowess in the realm of on hold messages."

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