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Sales Process Coaching in the 
21st Century 

Shining a light on your sales process to support your buyers journey through better insight and awareness of your customers challenges. 

Bringing together Sales Development, AI, CRM and Customer Engagement Channels

Welcome to Sales Process Coaching, your express route to profitable customer sales engagement

Our focus areas include:

  • Uniting Customer Engagement Channels with best practice and sales conversations
  • Real-world sales process coaching that underpins the above to support your buyer's journey

We understand that your time is precious, and YouTube, Textbook learning or long seminars starve you of your time and can lead to reduced customer engagement and thereby fewer sales.  So, are you ready to supercharge your journey with insightful Sales Process Coaching?

Our programme offers:

🚀 Return on Investment (ROI): "We have full confidence in our capacity to assist you in achieving success, and your dedication to applying our guidance to ensure your prosperity."
🚀15-20 minute "As Needed" coaching sessions: Quick, effective and tailored to your needs, that won't eat into your customer interaction time.
🚀 Personalised guidance: You'll work one-on-one with an experienced business coach whose proven track record is to just focus on the relevant up-skilling you may need.
🚀 Affordable pricing: You don't have to break the bank to get the support you need.
🚀 Flexible scheduling: We work around your busy schedule because we understand that your time is precious.

How does it work?

Every business has barriers to their success but also have untapped potential that could boost their bottom line. Our initial coaching sessions focus on removing those barriers and then addressing your top business sales development concerns to quickly increase your revenue and profits. We start with a straight forward client engagement review, not requiring an invasive financial review at this stage. Our focus is on how you currently engage with clients, tackling the real-world challenges that SMEs face when it comes to sales development. Considerations such as "what does your business Sound, Look and Feel like?" to a customer. 

We also aim to help you answer the big "THEN WHAT " question and looking at why those profitable sales are still elusive. Especially when you're doing all the things we are led to believe we should be doing... actively engaging on social media, networking, email campaigns, website SEO. And still trying to understand the threats and strengths of using AI. 

What to expect?

Subsequent meetings are a breeze, lasting just 15-20 minutes each. We review your areas of concern relative to your business aspirations, whether your business generates £50,000 or £5,000,000 in annual sales. We'll show you how to significantly boost your profits with minimal time, money, effort or risk and remove some of those, often unseen, barriers to success.


Who can we help?

Our insightful Sales Process Coaching is perfect for businesses seeking significant growth, those open to innovative strategies, and those ready to take action and need supportive sales coaching. Our strength is in the longevity of our experience and working with trusted partner resources and who speak the same sales and marketing language and can be "plugged in" to conversations if required.

What our clients say about us:

"Your customer service ethic stands proud in a world of broken promises and underwhelming follow-up."

- AD, Keurig Coffee

"Impressed with the work you guys did and were pleased with the approach."

- IH, TNT Logistics

"Independent communications advisors Cloud Solutions for Business worked with ME Financial Services Ltd to address the growing pains and to define what success would look like for us

- MD, ME Financial Services

"A real pleasure working with Marvin. He is great at what he does… he’s knowledgeable and understands businesses' needs because he places himself in the customer's seat. It has been inspiring working with him thus far." - JP, BT Plc

"Marvin is a true professional engaging with clients and ensuring the promise he offers is delivered." - Steve. S, Franklin Business Services

............See More on my linked in profile.


Marvin Henson is the director of Cloud Solutions for Business Ltd, a Multi-Brand Technology Solutions provider shaping, advising and delivering technology services for the Smaller business and the enterprise market, Primarily facilitating their business growth through supportive solutions to the Top 10 Business challenges. 

Formerly an award-winning Account Director with BT Plc Global Services & BT Wholesale. Marvin's remit included managing customer revenue growth exceeding £18m PA. Roles included Consultative and sales Coaching from basic skills, intermediary and strategic corporate account sales based on direct client engagement. Roles have also included product specialist, regional and team management and supporting organisations like Google, Yahoo, UK Police forces, Corporates and smaller SME businesses.

Previously a Sales Development consultant for Kingston Communications, Pitney Bowes and Xerox, collectively spanning over 30 years of experience with 25 years related directly to the technology sector.

Awards include BT Wholesale Service Provider Group Outstanding Contribution, Kingston Comms multiple awards across performance and contract wins. Pitney Bowes Plc 11 major international awards

Marvin is passionate about sharing with smaller business owners the gained experience to help them sell more and buy better by using data and market insights to guide them to even more success.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, Insightful Sales Coaching can help you achieve your goals.


Special Offer: 




For a limited time, we're offering a complimentary GAP Analysis Review of your business development process. This assessment will provide specific ideas and up-skilling opportunities, removing barriers to doing business and potentially leading to substantial financial breakthroughs. It also helps you "bring it all together" concerning AI, Business Communications, CRM, Sales, and Customer Engagement to maximise your digital marketing efforts.

Times ticking so let's get started!


Click the button below to schedule a time with us. We'll discuss our Insightful Awareness Coaching and perform the complimentary assessment using our revolutionary GAP Analysis.



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