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BT PSTN switch-off : The Benefits for SME's of using PhoneLine+

As part of a major step towards the UK’s mass digital IP-network migration, VoIP networks are already replacing the legacy PSTN phone services, so you do need to take action.  See BT Switch Off FAQ's

Be there for your customers

Zero time. Tiny budgets. Huge plans.
Sounding familiar? 


PhoneLine+ has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over a fibre broadband network, all at a highly competitive price.


This is ideal for all businesses, home-workers and domestic lines. PhoneLine+ can be accessed anytime, anywhere and now on a choice of devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and IP handsets. In short, the calls can reach you and are no longer "tied" to the office or home.

Improve Customer Experience

Decide how you want unanswered calls to be managed

  • Use the included Voicemail option and record a personal greeting or select from the messages you have perfected before and stored in your media library.

  • Choose to have calls diverted to a colleague or redirect them to an external phone, and elect to have the calls announced and the number dialled displayed, so that the calls are answered appropriately.

  • If you are diverting calls to your personal mobile, then PhoneLine+ makes it easy to identify business and non-business calls.

  • Set your Out of Hours for each day, whether for the whole day or just part of the day. Set a specific Out of Hours message and choose how you want calls to be directed when you are closed for business rather than just unavailable.


    The ability to manage your customer’s expectations can go a long way to improving their user experience and provide you with an edge over the competition.

    Stronger Together with Unified Communications

    Lower your costs

    Improved Customer Experience

    This calls inclusive telephone line replacement brings down costs and offers more.

    As the network that supports traditional landline telephony (PSTN) is being phased out and switched off, you need a replacement  where calls are delivered and received using the internet. This is known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

    PhoneLine+ is really simple to install and easy to use, replacement so you can start taking advantage of your new business phone line in no time! I


    If you already have a broadband service, it’s likely that this will be able to support PhoneLine+, which keeps costs low and disruption to a minimum. 

    Why you might use us as an independent partner

    Duplicate your office with fast and easy failover.


  • Experience: 30 years in the UK and US supporting Small Businesses, Corporates and Police forces to realise operational improvement

  • Expertise: Technology solutions providers have extensive insider knowledge of the technology market and can help organisations identify the best solution for their needs.

  • Objectivity: Technology solutions providers are impartial and can provide an objective perspective on the technology solutions available in the market, helping organisations make better informed decisions.

  • Cost Savings: Technology solutions providers help organisations secure better prices and negotiate more favourable terms for technology solutions by leveraging their insider expertise and relationships with suppliers.

  • Time Savings: Technology solutions providers save organisations time, effort and money by conducting research and negotiating technology deals on your behalf.

  • Access to a wider network: Technology solutions providers have access to a much wider network of technology providers and can help organisations find solutions they may not have been able to find on their own.

  • Cloud Solutions for Business Working Together With You
    Hosted telephony  or the smaller business

    How does it work and How much does it cost?

    As an alternative option to one of the 7 phone systems that Cloud Solutions for Business independently offers, the PhoneLine+ Platform also offers a near complete communications solution to meet the needs, budgets and evolving requirements for Sole Traders, SME's, Partnerships. 



    This complete hosted communication service provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, accessed via an easy-to-use web portal that enables you to take exacting control of your telephony. 

    Pricing Starts at just £8.99+vat per month including calls


    VoIP Telephony Packages for Small Businesses


    Option 1
    User Licence with VVX150 Phone

    • ​Handset - Polycom VVX 150

    • Polycom USB WiFi Adaptor

    • VVX 50 Series Power Supply

    • DHV Lite License (3 Year)

    £14.95 +Vat


    Option 2
    User Licence with W73P Dect Handset

    • Handset - Yealink W73P Dect Handset

    • DHV Lite License (3 Year)

    £14.95 +Vat


    Option 3
    Licence with ATA
    (Analogue Terminal Adaptor)

    • Cisco ATA 192

    • DHV Lite License (3 Year)

    £14.95 +Vat

    * Please note: Prices exclude VAT and are based on 36 month contract.

    Request a Quote
    OR Call 
    0330 6600464 (Option1)

    Please take a moment to fill out the form.

    Thanks for submitting!

    Hosted Telephony systems available

    Our solutions include  Zoom , 8x8 , MS Teams, Gamma , Daisy Hosted Voice , 3CX , Avaya , Cisco , Unify and others

    FAQ's - PSTN Switch Off 

    PSTN Switch Off - What is it and why is it happening?

    WLR3 (wholesale line rental) is a package product from BT Openreach which is being progressively withdrawn from service and completed by 2025. This applies to all telecoms providers and customers that use the Openreach network to provide their services. The ISDN equipment that provides phone lines with in the BT exchanges is being removed and the product withdrawn from service. WHAT IS IT FOR? Nothing is replacing the standard telephone lines. If you want to be able to make telephone voice calls in the future you will need a VoIP service USING AN IP-based product

    ISDN2 and ISDN30 - are they effected?

    Yes. The ISDN equipment associated with these PSTN Phone services and products is being removed from the 6000 BT exchanges and the products are being progressively withdrawn from service currently. WHAT IS IT FOR? No comparable product is replacing this. Customers wanting to make multiple simultaneous phone calls will need to convert their telephone system to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and use an IP based product.

    Broadband - How will that change?

    Broadband technology remains the same when purchased from providers using Openreach even if the underlying product names change. Ofcom have designated these into three speed bands. Standard/superfast/ultra fast. One thing that can change is the customer support offered by alternative providers. Let's face it they have more to risk if their service isn't excellent. Not all things stay the same - Product name changes as well as the included capability? Legacy ADSL is changing currently to SOTAP, FTTC is changed to SoGEA, G.Fast is now SOGFAST and,FTTP remains the same

    How can we help you?

    Together with our award winning, and world-class suppliers we are old hands at supporting clients wanting to migrate to IP connectivity and telephony. Cloud Solutions for Business have been working with clients of all sizes from 2 to 1000's of employees of well known branded companies. As an independent advisor it's incumbent on us to work with you as a valued partner and not just a vendor. We know the industry, suppliers and prices very well indeed which means we help you to seek the best value for your communications platform. Want to see what's available from us? 1-5 extensions 1-20+ extensions (upto to 100's) 1-20+ extensions and call centre (upto to 100's)

    You have PSTN , do you have to do anything?

    Yes, you will need to arrange your supplier or ourselves to take care of the change, but to keep you phone number we will have to move your telephone number to a VoiP/sip service. Want to see what's available from us? 1-5 extensions 1-20+ extensions 1-20+ extensions and call centre

    You are not with BT does this mean this doesn't apply to you?

    No, the majority of third-party phone line suppliers use the BT network to enable them to provide PSTN services, with the exception of a few. If in doubt then contact your existing supplier or alternatively feel free to contact ourselves on 0330 6600464 for advice

    A Phone line is used for our alarm system will it stop working?

    The answer is "yes" if you are using a PSTN phone line. As, indeed could other "connected" devices such as Till's etc . Modern alarms, however, are now using either mobile technology such as eSIM's or broadband

    Will our FAX machine stop working?

    Yes, this will stop working too unless it is IP/voip capable and can be used over broadband. If it is then we may need to migrate the fax number to a VoiP service

    A door/gate entry access uses a phone line. Will it stop working?

    Yes, modern systems usually the mobile or VoiP options. We can help move this and migrate your telephone number over to the VoiP service

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