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Click2...SMS, eMail or Post it!

Learn what Click2 can do for your business.... In less than 60 seconds

"I have tried using different messaging platforms through different resources that worked just fine, but this one is certainly the best of them all by bringing them all together in one place. It brings efficiency to a new level of simplicity."

Working from Home

Simple, Reliable Messaging Products for Every Business

Click2.. provides products that are easy to use and can be integrated in to your other applications providing choice and context for your business communications. These multi-channel products are used by some of the biggest brands and smartest developers across the United Kingdom and the world. Whether it’s transactional SMS messages at scale via API or multi-channel marketing campaigns using SMS, Email and Direct Mail via web app, Click2.. helps you stay closer to your customers and staff.

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One Dashboard. Multiple Possibilities.

You are in good company too Look who else used these services...

Remote SaaS services

Click2 is an on-line tool for businesses, large and small, to send communications to their customers through a choice of engagement channels, simply and easily. All without major investment or long term commitment making it ideal for the smaller business who may prefer a

Pay As You Go Model.

Click2 is designed to be easy-to-use and help generate real business, whilst providing you with tangible results and reporting.


With access to both AD-Hoc and Bulk SMS / Text Messaging Email Marketing Tools plus Postage and Flyer services, Voice broadcast and Fax, this product combines multiple marketing channels that are now accessible at the touch of a button through one dashboard. That's why its used by some of the largest and most trusted brands around the world.

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SMS at its core

Click2 has SMS at its core and already powers billions of messages worldwide vIa direct routes with a 100% uptime guarantee assuring your messages are being delivered on time. every time for as low as 2.49p dependent on volume.

Suitable for 

  • SMS & MMS marketing

  • SMS blasts

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Surveys

Click2 Post age and Fax

But businesses, their customers and staff need more then just SMS

Which is why Click2 offers a full suite of business communications products to get your campaigns firing on all fronts and multiple engagement channels including letters printed and posted for as low as 87p per letter based on single page black and white, envelope and postage.

  • SMS and MMS Messaging

  • eMail

  • Posted

  • Voice Message Broadcast

  • Fax

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Click2 provides choice
and context for your business communications

Whether it's by dashboard or API, whether it's transactional SMS messages at scale, Letters or Post Cards or multi-Message Voice Broadcasts Click 2 will underpin your customers chosen way to receive your informative communications.

Why talk to us first?

Solihull-based Cloud Solutions for Business offers guidance on enhanced business solutions. By providing best practice advice, and technology solutions, Cloud Solutions for Business helps you remove barriers to growing your business by helping to Reduce Operational Costs, Improving Efficiency, Visibility and Profits in line with your business strategy.

Can't wait?  Try Click2 for yourself 

Access the facilities immediately and start using the system for free trial and then decide if its for you. 

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